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A day to rest

What busy weekend I had. First of all I did have to work this weekend. We had a diabetic cat who needed treatments. In addition to that and my usual Saturday morning gathering, I did a last minute open house with my friend Carol.

You may have heard me talk about her before. She does seed bead weaving, a totally different style of jewelry than I make. BTW: I convinced her to open and Etsy shop and you can check it out here. She needs to add more though, and the photos do nothing to really show or appreciate the work that she does!
The open house went well and was well attended. Oh, we had it at Carol's house which is about 30 minutes north of me. We kept it simple; just coffee, punch, chips and dips, cheese and crackers, and I made brownies with chocolate chunks.

I sold a couple of big necklaces (so glad) so now I can pay some bill that needs paying!
Then running back to work to care for the cat. A lot of driving! So today, being off from work, I just cleaned up and put away my jewelry…