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Etsy Bloggers November blog carnival~Talk about your inspirations!

This issue of Etsy Bloggers blog carnival asks us to talk about our inspirations. Share what item are you working on? What is your inspiration for this piece?
I chose this charm bracelet currently in the works. Nearly finished actually.

This bracelet started out focusing on the beautiful borosilicate glass beads. Pretty purple colors. These are a larger bead, so I knew that I had some Hill Tribe silver bead caps that would work perfectly.
I usually draw up a design, to get an idea of what I want to make, as you see here in the photo. Then I try to find coordinating colored beads or gemstones that will go with the glass beads or a theme that I may have come up with for the piece. I lay out various beads in front of me to get a visual of what to use. Since I already chose some Thai silver bead caps, I had some dragonfly and butterfly charms that I thought would really make this a nice themed springtime or fantasy bracelet. I also found in my drawer of clasps, a dragonfly clasp, just perfec…