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I got to say what's on my mind. It usually will make me feel better, or laugh about it later. Maybe you'll get a laugh.
On my daily pursuit of job hunting; as I've talked and complained about before, (I know), there seems to be a recurring theme. I applied for this technician job in January. Never got a call. In March, the same (un-named) hospital is running an add again for a technician. I apply again. This time I even went a little bit further, and called asking to talk to the person in charge of hiring. I got the run-around. Basically I said, well, what do you have to do to get an interview here?
I guess that stirred the waters a little, because I finally had a (so-called) office manager call me that night. I say so-called because this person was, unprofessional to say the least. Now let me back up a bit and give you some history. I have worked with animals over 11 years, I am certified, and I have worked at the top of medicine in specialty practices and emergency. So wha…