I got to say what's on my mind. It usually will make me feel better, or laugh about it later. Maybe you'll get a laugh.
On my daily pursuit of job hunting; as I've talked and complained about before, (I know), there seems to be a recurring theme. I applied for this technician job in January. Never got a call. In March, the same (un-named) hospital is running an add again for a technician. I apply again. This time I even went a little bit further, and called asking to talk to the person in charge of hiring. I got the run-around. Basically I said, well, what do you have to do to get an interview here?
I guess that stirred the waters a little, because I finally had a (so-called) office manager call me that night. I say so-called because this person was, unprofessional to say the least. Now let me back up a bit and give you some history. I have worked with animals over 11 years, I am certified, and I have worked at the top of medicine in specialty practices and emergency. So what I'm really saying, (apparently to the general doctor down the road that you take your pet to once a year for shots) that I'm overqualified to work for them!
Now let's not think for one minute that you might be getting a great experienced person, who knows what they're doing! That brings up this question: DO YOU KNOW WHO IS TREATING YOUR PET WHEN YOU DROP THEM OFF AT THE VET'S?
O.k., I'm getting off the subject. I'll save that rant for another day.
So I get a sort of dumb question, like; why would you want to work somewhere else? Oh, I don't know, just for fun maybe, because I really want to make less money. Yeah, that's it.
So this person, tells me that he'll call me tomorrow from the office to set up an interview. Never got a call.
Fast forward to this week, yesterday to be exact. As I check my emails to see what wonderful job offers places like Monster and Career builder have sent me, here it is again, 4 months later, THE SAME AD FROM THE SAME HOSPITAL LOOKING FOR THE SAME POSITION. Which in the ad it states looking for a certified, trained person with 2-5 years experience. Oh, wait a minute, I have 11 years experience!
So what do I do? You guessed it! I sent my resume again, with a overly, sickening sweet cover letter....I cringe at the thought! Now why would I do this? Am I a glutton for punishment? I must be, because what I know about this business, and my general sense of knowing a bad thing, having a pit in my stomach, seeing the red flags, should have made me just close that email and do nothing.
The phone rings last night, guess who? The same person with the same attitude, same dumb questions, and says, exactly the same thing, "I'll call you tomorrow to set up an interview time." Am I insane? There is obviously a serious problem here, and maybe it's the person doing the interviewing! I wanted to say, do you know how much time, money, advertising and training I could have saved you, if you would have just hired me in the first place? Not worth it. And, as you can guess no call today.
I've got to stop torturing myself. If you made it through this whole rant, here's a video treat for you. It kind of sums it up.

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Gabrielle Krake said…
Oh how I feel your pain. I have had this happen a few times over the years, so frustrating!! BTW, I love the new jewelry pieces. Beautiful as usual!
cindy said…
Thank you, Gabrielle!

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