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Etsy Blogger's October 9 blog carnival:Writing for Relief

"What is your favorite childhood memory of Halloween?", this blog carnival wants to know. When I first read what the group had for topics this time, I almost shudder. You see, I don't think that I have a favorite childhood memory of Halloween. What first entered my mind when I looked back into the dark recesses of my mind, was not a fond memory, but a rather negative one. I was thinking about Halloween costumes and dressing up in them, and what your parents may have aloud you to wear, or not wear, as the case may be.
I remember a Halloween, a long time ago; I was probably in kindergarten or first grade. And I don't really remember wearing the costume, buying it or anything, but what I do remember is a photo taken of me in the costume.
I was a flower. I think a daisy. Not a fancy costume, but rather a paper bag cut out costume. (Don't expect to see any photos here!) And my face in the center of the flower. I remember the other kids in their "fancy" costume…