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There will be Stars~by Billy Coffey

Alcoholic and town loser, Bobby Barnes spends his last day driving drunk, up a mountain with his two young sons, never to return; or does he? In this “Ground hog Day”/ sci-fi novel, Bobby Barnes replays his last day over and over while meeting a strange cast of characters along the way.
Through their interactions, the reader learns the fate that has brought all these characters to meet in the same place. These are not happy endings. Bobby has the chance to change history, although he is hard headed, a loner, and a misfit and just wants to be left alone. Is this heaven or hell, or somewhere in between? Who knows?

To say I disliked this novel would be putting it lightly. I found it to be a horrible, dark story with unlikeable characters with their own dark histories. The story goes from dark to darker, where I almost put the book down and could not finish it. Bobby Barnes is a country bumpkin alcoholic, possible child abuser, liar, thief, and who know what else. Although hi…