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In case you haven't noticed

No internet; no social networking; no checking in with my Etsy shop. I took a relaxing day of rest! Haven't done that in a while.
I'm having to dig deep to come up with some kind of content here for my blog. As topics are not flowing gracefully from my brain. I'm trying to come up with things you might want to read about, see or learn about, without spending a whole lot of time on this thing. I mean, with Facebook and all, I'm not sure who is even reading this blog lately!

Starry Night earrings

(They) say that you should be consistent when posting to your blog; same time and day; same time each week. (They) say to post content that your readers want to see. I know everybody likes to see photos, but I'm running of of good content to post.

Flower earrings on vines

In case you haven't noticed, I'm sprinkling this post with some new jewelry that I have available in my Etsy shop right now.
I have had my views pick up lately, which is great, …