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Be real, be yourself

I wrote a post last week that got over 100 hits. Wow! That's the most views I ever had on a single blog post. So it seems that stirring up a little controversy gets people moving. I got one comment where the reader said that she agreed with me, but would never post on her blog about it.
I must admit that I'm a bit outspoken,I'm not afraid to ask for what I want, and not afraid to voice my opinions. I believe in being who you are. Be true to yourself, and your own opinions as well. I think these are strong character traits to have, especially when trying to build a business for yourself, because it is not easy- as I am finding out-and it helps to have a little bit of thick skin.
I started this blog to share my journey on my entrepreneural explorations into the jewelry making business. I also like to use it sometimes as a journal. I do like to share my "walk" with others, so that maybe someone could learn something from me. I mean, isn't that what it…