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July 4, 2008

Well today won't be a patriotic post by any means. Politics --not my forte. So I'll tell you about my morning walk today. Me and my husband live off a nature preserve here and I've been seeing this deer around lately, just out in the open during day hours just grazing. Seemed weird to me to see her not afraid of cars and all. So this morning I went out real early (on my deer search). Plus I need to walk more. 1. Need more exercise in my life. 2. Need more nature in my life.
We have 2 ponds and lots of walking paths in our condo community here. First I spotted a rather large possum. And then I saw a really large hawk, which almost looked like a falcon to me. We have lots of birds around here. I love to listen to them sing. Then around the corner of the second pond I found my deer! She stopped grazing, looked at me, me at her and she wiggled her cute striped tail. Moved a few steps away, I moved a few steps closer; finally she went into the woods. What's…