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After the show

I had a really fun time in Sarasota, this past weekend. What a great show! I met some very interesting people, and made contact with a few Etsy shop owners and team members, so I may have a new local team to join too!

Check out my new custom designed lampshade/banner:

Then, I think I get overwhelmed after 2 days of talking with people. And with my alone time on the drive to and from the show days, I had alot of time to think; and think maybe too much.
My overall thoughts are that there are too many people making jewelry right now. How do I compete? I'm thinking that I have to really think out of the box, go above and beyond what other's are doing.

I need to sit down and do some crunching of numbers.
For instance, just how many pieces of jewelry can I actually complete per week?
How many shows should I be doing?
Maybe I should think more about retail, and increase the number of galleries my work is in.
My concerns about Etsy.
Should I stick within a specific genre and stre…