After the show

I had a really fun time in Sarasota, this past weekend. What a great show! I met some very interesting people, and made contact with a few Etsy shop owners and team members, so I may have a new local team to join too!

Check out my new custom designed lampshade/banner:

Then, I think I get overwhelmed after 2 days of talking with people. And with my alone time on the drive to and from the show days, I had alot of time to think; and think maybe too much.
My overall thoughts are that there are too many people making jewelry right now. How do I compete? I'm thinking that I have to really think out of the box, go above and beyond what other's are doing.

I need to sit down and do some crunching of numbers.
For instance, just how many pieces of jewelry can I actually complete per week?
How many shows should I be doing?
Maybe I should think more about retail, and increase the number of galleries my work is in.
My concerns about Etsy.
Should I stick within a specific genre and streamline my work, ie: making a smaller niche?
Right now, I just don't know. These are topics that I think I will post about in smaller chunks. And I do have time to explore, and digest some of my latest revelations, since I'm currently working a part-time job, but need something else, with a more steady income.
So much to think about.

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Anonymous said…
I can relate to your entire post. I am going through similar issues and i'm glad i'm not the only one trying to sort it all out. I'm rooting for you and I'm sure the other members of Team FEST are as well.

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