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What I've learned so far

I had a good show last weekend and so with my inventory low, I must now produce, produce and produce! In preparation for another show in 2 weeks; I'll be showing at the Safety Harbor, 3rd Friday Music series on April 15th. This is an evening venue-and I'm a little worried as I have no one to help me set up. I'm not sure I can put up my tent by myself. (This will be a learning experience for sure!)
Here's my reflections about what I've learned so far, recently from doing shows and selling my jewelry.
You can't sit back and wait for something to happen. You must be active, aggressive, and assertive and do what it takes to sell your goods. Especially these days, in this economy, you just can't expect your items to sell themselves no matter how good your product is. And if you make jewelry, or consider yourself a designer, realize that on-line venues as well as live arts and crafts shows and fairs are over-saturated with people who make jewelry. So there's co…