What I've learned so far

I had a good show last weekend and so with my inventory low, I must now produce, produce and produce! In preparation for another show in 2 weeks; I'll be showing at the Safety Harbor, 3rd Friday Music series on April 15th. This is an evening venue-and I'm a little worried as I have no one to help me set up. I'm not sure I can put up my tent by myself. (This will be a learning experience for sure!)
Here's my reflections about what I've learned so far, recently from doing shows and selling my jewelry.
You can't sit back and wait for something to happen. You must be active, aggressive, and assertive and do what it takes to sell your goods. Especially these days, in this economy, you just can't expect your items to sell themselves no matter how good your product is. And if you make jewelry, or consider yourself a designer, realize that on-line venues as well as live arts and crafts shows and fairs are over-saturated with people who make jewelry. So there's competition out there!
You must be a sales person. You must talk to all who pass by your booth and educate them about your work. Believe me when I say that must folks do not know what goes into creating a piece or what types of metals, stones, beads, etc. that you may use in your work. And be excited when talking about your work. I find that a genuine enthusiasm about your work will sell it. I talk continually at shows, and I also stand when talking to customers, or when they are approaching my booth, and sometimes it helps to come out around from the back of your table and get right out into the flow of passer-Byers.

Don't let the nay-Sayers bring you down. You may have experienced this for yourself. Other vendors being negative; your own family's doubts and/or fears about being in business for yourself. What I've learned is to stick with the winners. What I mean by that is, keep around positive people. Network with others who are business professionals that you can learn something from. Watch. listen, and learn from those who have experience in the field and those that you admire. I wouldn't necessarily take advice from people who aren't in the business (your business) or just a friendly neighbor who may suggest a show or business idea, not knowing what they are talking about, because they lack knowledge or experience in that field. You will find yourself going on "wild goose chases" and wasting your time. Believe me, I have personally learned this myself.
These are my thoughts that I share with you today. I hope you will get some kind of wisdom from them. I have added a couple of books to my carousel that you might enjoy. (See at bottom of page) These are 2 I have enjoyed reading.
"Do what you love, the money will follow" by Marsha Sinetar
"Finding you life mission" by Naomi Stephan, Ph.D.

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Re said…
Exellent suggestions, and how right you are about the market being saturated w/jewelry artisans, and those who buy and resell in mass ... these I'd like to close down.

When we first moved to Florida, we lived in our home on Phillipee Parkway in Saftey Harbor for a short time until we moved to Largo.

One of my Aunts worked at the Safety Harbor Spa forever, or so it seemed.

I bet the area has changed oodles since those days in the 70's.

Sales dust to you ...
Moon Stumpp said…
Excellent advice...I wish you all the best too! I'm kinda in the same boat some weekends so I'm pondering how to make this happen as well. If I come up with anything, I'll share!
RecreationalArt said…
great advice! thanks for the reminder :)
Great post full of great advice! And you are so right to stay away from negative people and keep with the positive ones :)
Abby said…
Wonderful advice! I also agree, that we should not listen to the negative! Just keep on truckin'!

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