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Weekly update and new metal bracelets

I've been a bit hidden from the WWW this week. We had a death in the family. But I'm back in full force.
Now, 3 new metal bracelets!

I got to use a lot of metalsmithing skills in creating these bracelets.
First of all, these are all hand cut or sawed from sheet metal. I used rivets in all of these.
This one:

I used the techniques of soldering, sawing out the holes where the copper O rings are, stamping with design stamps and different texture hammers, and creating the balled sterling connector pieces.

This one:

is a wider bracelet with Mykonos Greek ceramic beads riveted to the front of some of the pieces.

And, (I think this one's my favorite):

Copper and brass hand cut sheet, shaped into what I call "puzzle pieces&quo…