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The Final Summit, by Andy Andrews

“A quest to find the one principle that will save humanity.”

This is an adventure, full of historical characters, supernatural events, excitement, and the “common man”. The message that one takes away from this reading, is one which can be applied in our very own lives. This story is truly inspiring.
This is a follow-up book to the author’s bestselling “The Traveler’s Gift”, bringing back David Ponder, who represents the common man. He has been successful through his life, and has had great tragedy as well.
In this book, he is down on his luck, and has some supernatural experiences, through time travel. This is not his first experience with time travel. His guide in an arch angel, who tells David that he will be a representative, and spokesperson for all humanity. On his journey, he encounters many “travelers”, some of whom he has met in past time travels. These are real life historical people who have lived lives of meaning.
The author’s use of detail really lets the reader envisi…