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Riding the waves

I was thinking about posting this yesterday, as I was driving in my car, and as I almost always do, I tend to get ideas while driving. I felt like I was in a cluster of frustration. Why? Well, let's see.... So we finished our last class Friday, sorry it is over, I learned alot from Stacy and can't wait to make some new jewelry. But part of me gets frustrated with the "business" end of it. My sales are low, and I keep making great new items, but just can't seem to sell them on-line. I have read many books, studied, improved....anyway, stopped yesterday to pick something up and happened by a hair salon, where I did have jewelry set up with my hairdresser, who's new boss (shop owner) said everything had to be taken out, because she wasn't ready to have jewelry in her shop. She'd call if and when she was interested. I left my business card, called a couple of times, stopped by even, so I am persistent. Looked in the shop window yesterday; what do you thin…