Riding the waves

I was thinking about posting this yesterday, as I was driving in my car, and as I almost always do, I tend to get ideas while driving. I felt like I was in a cluster of frustration. Why? Well, let's see.... So we finished our last class Friday, sorry it is over, I learned alot from Stacy and can't wait to make some new jewelry. But part of me gets frustrated with the "business" end of it. My sales are low, and I keep making great new items, but just can't seem to sell them on-line. I have read many books, studied, improved....anyway, stopped yesterday to pick something up and happened by a hair salon, where I did have jewelry set up with my hairdresser, who's new boss (shop owner) said everything had to be taken out, because she wasn't ready to have jewelry in her shop. She'd call if and when she was interested. I left my business card, called a couple of times, stopped by even, so I am persistent. Looked in the shop window yesterday; what do you think I saw on the reception desk? Jewelry of course! O.k, I'm not mad. Am I cut out to be a sales person? I don't know. I hate going door to door and calling shop's all the time. Not to mention my ongoing pursuit of a regular job. And to those of you that know about my job search and last week's interview, well, you can guess, no calls, no offers. I'll be back searching again this week.
Oh, I did call one hospital that I applied to and basically set up my own interview with them! Interesting, isn't it?
So, deciding that my Etsy shop is in need of a change, to attract more people, I decided to change my shop sections, which hopefully will make the shop more functional and appealing to the shopper. Instead of sections like, necklaces, earrings, I've changed my categories to names such as these: Simply silver, vintage with a twist and the rustic collection, just to name a few.
Also changed my avatar to one of my favorite pieces that I've made to date; "Old Town".

I'm in the process of getting a new banner for the shop too.
BTW: I found another good website that has free jewelry making tutorials that some of you might enjoy. It's called jewelrylessons.com.

So I decided to list my scarf pins in my shops due to the many comments I received for them. O.k., I'll give it a try.... I did take some new photos, which I like better than the first set; yes, pins on scarves! what a concept!

It's so funny, the amount of time I spend when I list a new item.
1. List in shop.
2. List in forums in groups I belong to of new items for the month.
3. Talk about here.
4. Download to Flickr.
5. List in all my Flickr groups.
6. Enter any relevant contests.
7. List to other shops.
I feel like I'm missing something, somewhere, as I probably am. Urgh! The vicious cycle of on-line promoting!
Hey, a friend of mine gave me another salon shop lead to go on. I've called once already. Tuesday, back to man the phones! Wish me luck!
Have a nice holiday tomorrow!


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