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Drunk Elephant "JuJu bar"

This is a new skincare line that I received in my BeautyDNA box this month. I've used this facial soap about 3 weeks now and I'm ready to review.

Drunk Elephant skincare believes in natural ingredients that work, while leaving out those chemical ingredients that don't.
The JuJu Bar is a daily deep cleansing, exfoliating and healing bar that gently removes dead skin cells and helps to improve the skins overall appearance and radiance. It's main acting ingredients are: thermal mud, 20% glycerin, and bamboo powder.
Directions say to lather up the bar and apply it directly to the face. This will give you quite an abrasive exfoliation effect. If this is too much, just lather up in your hands and apply to the face. It feels like a gritty sand and has a rich lather. It is also fragrance free. It does leave the skin feeling clean, but not dry at all. I do like this bar, the only improvement, could be if they added an essential oil for true fragrance.

This is a rather l…