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Good news and happy thoughts

I thought I'd share some happy thoughts and news about what's going on with me and my business, "Devine Designs Jewelry".
First of all, I got such a great compliment last week. I ran into an art teacher, who has a bachelor's degree in art and has been featured at gallery events with artists, such as Dale Chihuly.
She is a recent follower of my Facebook page, and commented on how professional and upscale my work is. And wishing me all the best with my work. What a great compliment; I really appreciated that from such an accomplished person in the field of art.
Next good news: my work has been excepted into the Florida Craftsmen Gallery in St. Petersburg.
This is a great accomplishment for me. It is, and has been a very difficult gallery to get into.
Third exciting bit of news: I will soon have my own website for my jewelry. Look for more on that to come.
Have a great day, and think happy thoughts!