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Gemstone Myths and Lore Part 2

Welcome to the second in a series of gemstone lore, A to Z. This issue's picks are:
FLUORITE: A translucent green stone, fluorite has been found in various shades of pink to purple. Mainly used as a "mental stone" for increasing concentration, and analytic abilities. Artifacts of carved fluorite have been found in the ruins of Pompeii. It was said that the people's of the times took carved offerings to the temple of Jupiter.

GARNET: I've read alot of different myths and ancient uses for garnet, so they do vary some. The main theme of garnet seems to be attributed with blood. Some say it was used to strengthen the blood, some ancients wore for protection, and in ancient Kashmir, it was said that soldiers used garnet bullets hoping to cause very damaging non-healing wounds. In the 13th century, garnets were worn to repel insects. One legend states that Noah used a garnet in the Ark to diffuse light to create energy.

natural raspberry garnets straight from the matrix