Gemstone Myths and Lore Part 2

Welcome to the second in a series of gemstone lore, A to Z. This issue's picks are:
FLUORITE: A translucent green stone, fluorite has been found in various shades of pink to purple. Mainly used as a "mental stone" for increasing concentration, and analytic abilities. Artifacts of carved fluorite have been found in the ruins of Pompeii. It was said that the people's of the times took carved offerings to the temple of Jupiter.

GARNET: I've read alot of different myths and ancient uses for garnet, so they do vary some. The main theme of garnet seems to be attributed with blood. Some say it was used to strengthen the blood, some ancients wore for protection, and in ancient Kashmir, it was said that soldiers used garnet bullets hoping to cause very damaging non-healing wounds. In the 13th century, garnets were worn to repel insects. One legend states that Noah used a garnet in the Ark to diffuse light to create energy.

natural raspberry garnets straight from the matrix

JADE: As a popular gemstone of the Orient, it was used to carve images of gods and goddesses, such as Buddha and Kwan Yin. A sacred stone of China, is was believed that jade could help prolong life. It was buried with the dead to help vitality of the deceased. Carvings were traded among people as a sign of friendship. Also used to increase prosperity.
The Greeks used jade for healing. Jade amulets are commonly found among tombs in Egypt. It has also been said that carrying a jade carved into a butterfly would help produce a successful romance.
JASPER: American Indians used jasper in ceremonies to help bring rain. Red jasper was commonly used for protective energies. In a 13th century text is was stated that jasper was thought to be a "holy" stone, although a common myth is not to be found.


LAPIS LAZULI: A precious blue stone with traces of pyrite, calcite or gold. Many believe that in Biblical times, the "sapphire" of the time was actually lapis lazuli. Early Christians dedicated lapis to the Virgin Mary as a sacred stone.
In Egypt this was a highly prized gem. The Pharaohs worn them. It was used in dedications to the goddess, Isis. A sign of the "all seeing eye".

MALACHITE: A popular stone to carry for protection. The stronger the bands, it is said, the stronger the protection qualities. Malachite is also known as a "money stone". Dedicated to the goddess Juno in Roman times, when cut into a triangle shape it was said to "ward off the evil eye" as the triangle is one of this goddesses' emblems.

MOONSTONE: Associated with the moon, and these goddesses: Diana, Selene, Isis, Aphrodite. Commonly used for love, protection, and prophecy. Moon magic. In ancient times, it was carried for protection in travel, especially at night or when traveling over water. When dedicated to the goddesses of love, (Diana, Aphrodite) moonstone was used to attract love, help open your heart, or magical spells.

ONYX: Commonly seen in it's black form, this stone has been used for protection and to ward off unwanted relationships. The ancient Egyptians believed when worn, onyx could provoke discord and cause broken relationships. Thought to be a powerful stone of negative energy, it is said to "use with caution". One myth states that Chinese miners feared the onyx and were afraid to go into mines where it occurred.

OPAL: A popular and valued gem. Lore has it that Caesar wanted to sell his kingdom for a single opal. The Egyptians honored the fire opal saying that it was a powerful healing stone. It was often placed in the navel of of a pregnant women to help ease childbirth. On the other hand, the opal was thought to be a "troublesome" stone. Easy to crack, it was thought that giving an opal for luck or love; if it cracked, was taken as a sign of bad luck. Opals were thought to absorb energy and that not all people can wear them. It has been written that some should not wear opals in the ears, as they can absorb one's energy, making one unfocused or even dizzy.

PERIDOT: A healing stone of the ancients. Worn by the Pharaohs and also by the counseling priests of the time to cure envy and jealous thoughts. There are many confusing thoughts about the properties of peridot. It is found in meteorites. Alchemists believed it could be used to protect against negative vibrations. It has been stated that peridot was a major healing stone of Atlantis. Mysterious, other worldly, who knows for sure?

NOTE: None of these claims have been proven medically. This article is only written for enjoyment and enrichment of the reader. The resources come from many years of personal study. Some resources include:
The Book of Sacred Stones by Barbara G. Walker
Stone Power by Dorothee L. Mella
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham

To read the first installment of Gemstone Myths and Lore, follow this link:

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