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It's a new week, yay!

So far so good, even though it is only Monday, but mine has started off just fine. Except for the heat; already. I can't believe how hot and humid it is already here in Florida. I wanted to take some new photos today, and I'm glad I did this morning before noon. As it will only get hotter as the day progresses!
Here's what we did in class last week. We made scarf pins! Now I know this is not timely, but I made a few and will put them away until fall before I list or start to sell them.

The first 2 are made form pure copper, that has been oxidized, tumble polished and hand polished as well. I have a polishing cloth that I got once from a jeweler, which is similar to the "Sunshine" cloth that is popular right now.
And of course we are working with coils. The second pin has a beautiful lampwork bead (from "Catalina Glass") that is various shades of green and gold glitter sparkles throughout it. I can't think of any other way to describe it, but it reminds…