It's a new week, yay!

So far so good, even though it is only Monday, but mine has started off just fine. Except for the heat; already. I can't believe how hot and humid it is already here in Florida. I wanted to take some new photos today, and I'm glad I did this morning before noon. As it will only get hotter as the day progresses!
Here's what we did in class last week. We made scarf pins! Now I know this is not timely, but I made a few and will put them away until fall before I list or start to sell them.

The first 2 are made form pure copper, that has been oxidized, tumble polished and hand polished as well. I have a polishing cloth that I got once from a jeweler, which is similar to the "Sunshine" cloth that is popular right now.
And of course we are working with coils. The second pin has a beautiful lampwork bead (from "Catalina Glass") that is various shades of green and gold glitter sparkles throughout it. I can't think of any other way to describe it, but it reminds me of a frog. (Note: I like frogs!)
The third pin is sterling silver, with a coil again and this time with a sterling bead dangle. This great long tube lampwork bead was made by Moon Stumpp, of "Mixed Media Jewelry". (She is currently a lampwork artist and metal smith).

THIS WILL BE MY LAST WEEK SELLING ON EBAY! So if you want to take a look at what's in that shop, you can click on the Ebay widget in the side bar. YOU CAN GET SOMETHING AT BEST OFFER! All my items there are priced BUY IT NOW of BEST OFFER.

On a more personal note: I watched Joyce Meyer's T.V. show this morning, "Enjoying Everyday Life". And this week she's talking about "The Love Revolution" and world missions. They are offering her DVD "Begin a Revolution of Love" for a donation of ANY amount. This is the powerful DVD that has really changed my perspective and helped to open my heart just a bit more.
You can go to to order this DVD, or to find out locally where the show airs. It is worth checking it out.
Have a good day!


Anonymous said…
Just love your new pieces. Are you talking or teaching the classes?

Left Ebay way back, best wishes.

Enjoyed reading this post, thanks for sharing.
Those new pins are great!
I would go ahead and list them. You never know when someone will buy something. I sold most of my flip flop albums last winter! And different parts of the world have different seasons right now. I say go for it :)
Love the new pieces :)
cindy said…
Hey Tulip! I'm taking classes currently at our local art center.
Memories: thank you, I never thought about that! It is different seasons around the world.
Rosew: thank you for stopping by!
Love your pins Thanks for all the tips and references!
gorgeous work!
The pins are pretty enough to wear sans scarf.

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