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Our new family member

Our new family member, "Monkey".
An unexpected one, as we found her roaming around outside. I should say our cats found her at 3:00 am one morning while looking out our bedroom window, growling and hissing to let us know she was out there. A few days passed, and she showed up again, so I had to do something.
Only about 6 months old, skinny, and starving, I could not leave her out there to fend for herself.
On a Saturday night, I got her, in a carrier and off we went to an emergency clinic to check if she had a micro-chip (owned), so I could possibly find out who owned her. No chip. She was so clean and friendly, not a feral cat- so I guess someone just dumped her in our neighborhood.
I cannot believe that anyone could just drop her off like that. These are domestic pets, not wild animals who live in the woods and can find food for themselves.
I do not believe that cats should be left outside. This comes from my previous background as a veterinary technician, and fro…