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Our mini vacation at Disney World

A much needed break from my every day life. Enjoyable, but still too hot here. I wanted to share some photos that I took. Now I didn't want to take the usual "family vacation- stand and pose photos", plus I have so many photos from Disney, that I wanted something different this time. Plus, I wanted to play with nighttime photos, as my camera has all these neat settings, and I'm so used to taking pics of jewelry, with the macro.

Apples, anyone?

Hall of Presidents-complete with President Obama

Epcot at night fall from across the lake

Inside The Living Seas- look, no lines!

Epcot's Italy

Christmas ornaments

I'm getting ready for a show this weekend at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, in Tarpon Springs. So if you're local, stop by and check out local artists.
Sat. 10-5pm
Sun. 1-5pm