Increasing my run/walk ratio

Started this week's run sessions by increasing to 20sec run/40sec walk per minute for over a mile. Total distance: 2.2 miles
62 degrees. Did surprisingly well on this first run. Only had to skip 2 intervals. Recovery time is quicker. Felt good overall.
Knees bothering me a little bit. (over-worked at the job, I think) Getting a little more flexible with stretches. Great weather to exercise in. The new clothes designed for fitness, definitely make the difference, as well as, my new running shoes. Looking forward to more great sessions. No weight loss this week.

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Today's run

A good training session this morning. Weather outside: 62 degrees. No weight loss. Distance: 2.31 miles.
Currently walking a mile, running a mile (training). I'm now doing 10sec, run/50sec walk per minute, although I am really doing about 15 sec of running. Next week I think I will increase training to 20sec run/40sec walk per minute. Little improvements at a time.

Bought some new workout clothes. Found some good deals in clearance at JCPenny on-line.

Getting my mindset in the proper frame too. Watching some Run Disney videos on YouTube for motivation.
Check back for more......

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Making progress with small goals

*Weight loss update: down 2 pounds
*Got myself new running shoes-Definitely makes a difference. Great heel support and great cushioning. Glad I made the purchase.

*Current routine: Trying to walk/train 3x's a week. On 2 days, I do 2 miles with the Jeff Galloway's "run/walk/run" method. The other day I do a long walk (3 miles). I am surprised how the body does adjust to running so quickly. I did not think I could run at my current weight, but I can! Slowly making progress.

*The Noom app: I can't recommend it. Not as personal guidance as they describe. Costs too much. Didn't learn anything that I didn't already know. Too complicated to track foods eaten. I've decided to continue to track using Weight Watcher's. I really need to track what I eat to be accountable.

Run Disney's marathon for next January begins registration in April. I cannot believe it. So I have to commit very soon. I'm ready; mentally that is- the physical w…

Yes, I'm still here

To update: I'm still the same weight; up and down (but mainly up) those 3 pounds. This new Weight Watchers system is giving me troubles keeping within the points allowed. But I think I also lack the support of others and the meetings, since I officially quit paying to go but am still trying to maintain the plan on my own.

What's new: I started a new job. Which is extremely physical and demanding. It has taken over 3 weeks to get my body somewhat use to this pace. For example, yesterday I tracked 10,367 steps on my phone app- at work.

Currently reading "Galloway's 5K/10K running", so I can start training myself to run. 9 months to my goal of running a 5K in Disney.

I also bought this "Gymboss" interval timer to help me train the Jeff Galloway method of run/walk. Tried it just once. I've got a long way to go.

I'm also doing a free trial of "Noom". A weight loss and fitness system I found out about on Instagram. So far, I'm l…

What I've added to my routine

Current weight loss: 2 pounds
I haven't walked much since the temperature here has been freezing-very cold outside, but I have been doing a lot of indoor exercise; aerobics, step, Bosu, kickboxing. This morning was step, a somewhat complicated routine that I had a hard time following. Just continue with movement, and I'm still getting a workout.

Things I've added to my weight loss program:
I've put up little inspirational signs around, like the one in the photo (on the refrigerator) for encouragement. The quotes are from
the website:

Another trick I'm trying, is chewing gum whenever I feel the urge to eat when it's not mealtime, or when I'm not really hungry.
Just a short and brief update for now.

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The struggle is real

Today's walk: 2.1 miles
Recent weight gain 5 pounds

What can I say, with all the holiday eating- I've let things go (to my waistline). I know that I am an emotional eater, and I've been "disliking" my job lately, so I eat. I've got to STOP eating sugar and cut out the sweets and desserts.
I must continue to track the foods I eat and stay within my Weight Watchers points.
I'm working on the job thing, so I expect changes will be coming this year. I'm I work in progress. I think changes are good with the new year coming. I don't want life to become stagnant.

Plus, I've been a little lackadaisical with exercise too. My excuse has been it's too cold. But I walked today, and it was cold. I'll make my way back to weight loss. More motivation will come. These are the ups and downs.
The struggle is real my friends!

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Updates on weight loss and exercise

Walk today: 2.01 miles
Weigh in day: lost 1 pound

There's a new Weight Watchers plan with an updated program that I like. Now more foods are free- as in zero points! Food like chicken, fish, beans are all zero points now. This little improvement of the plan may help me to loose more weight now.

I've added a new exercise program too. The Bosu ball workout. I had forgotten that I owned this. I have a few different workout CDs for this ball workout. Here's a link to some workouts on sale. Bosu workouts.

I forgot to mention this: When we were at Disney a couple of weeks ago, while walking in a parking lot, I walked/tripped into those parking bars/blocks that you pull your car up to. I went totally on the side of one of my feet, and somehow managed to upright my foot to normal. If it weren't for walking and strength training, I might have broken my ankle. Now that's a testament to exercise!

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