Hitting my first goal- 3 miles

This truly is the most beautiful time of the year to walk in Florida! It's in the 60 degrees. The trees are beautiful; nature is wonderful. Not only am I getting a good physical workout, but I'm also getting a mental health benefit.
So this week I hit my first goal, finally finishing 3 miles. Today's walk was 3.22 miles. I had to change my route a bit, as it got boring real fast, just walking a long road mainly and back. So I took the nature paths around this community, and what a difference it makes! It's not boring, there is always something to see. Many ponds, woods, animals, etc. I like this much better.
Except for when I pass a certain neighbor out in front of his house (in his bath robe) smoking a cigarette. And I get to breath in the second hand smoke. Yuck.

No weight change. Probably due to the fact that I keep eating crap. I need to really gain control of what, and how much I'm eating. I'm working on this. Some would say I need to "…

A leisurely walk

Just a walk in the park today. Nothing new to report. No new changes in routine or weight. It's been a tiring week. It always is, after a show. I walked around 2 miles. Didn't even break a sweat. (At least I did something!) Enjoy John Chestnut Park.

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It started out good today

I walked today 2.75 miles. Cut out the last little street I usually walk. I felt good this morning: I had energy, was awake, and in a good frame of mind. Unlike the other day when I walked, as I felt weak, and kind of sick. Today seemed like a better day. One mile in, doing good, then it hit- I have to pee. And I just went before I left the house! So the last mile back seemed challenging. I sped up coming back, and maybe over did it. Got tired, winded, overheated. It's at that difficult spot where you know that you still have a mile to get back to the house, and you don't know if you'll make it. I did. I hope this doesn't happen if I'm in a race, but at least there will be people there in case I get stuck. So I stopped briefly and took the photo above.

Did everything right, I think; stretched before and after, and did 100 sit ups. Breakfast was oatmeal, with half an apple and cinnamon.
I'll get much more exercise today and this weekend, as I have…

We have scorpions?

Today's walk: 2.84 miles, same route. No weight loss this week. Probably because I've been eating too much junk. I really need to watch my tendency to overeat. It's a work in progress.

It's been quite chilly these last 2 mornings when I walked. The other day I wore way too much clothing. Four layers of: work out tank top, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and a jacket. Well, half way through I thought I would pass out. I did much better today. (Work out crop, t-shirt, light jacket.)

So many thoughts go through my mind when I'm walking. Sometimes I think about what I'm going to write on this blog. Sometimes I concentrate on nature. Sometimes I hope to avoid the dogs on their morning walks. Sometimes it's a whole mess of things. This morning I did a prayer/walking meditation. Really good. Must do this more often.

So the other day, while I was driving and coming onto the road where we live, I say this thing in the road-crossing the road, really. It looked lik…

A hard walk

Today I tracked 2.77 miles. My usual route. Did some "sprints"-what I'm calling speeding up as fast as I can walk, with slow down intervals.
Note to self: must have phone completely charged if I want the walking app to work.

Today's walk was a bit challenging. It wore me out. I think it's because I did not eat a proper snack before I went, and I was really hungry for breakfast too. Heavy breathing; a bit dizzy, then a headache. Not properly hydrated I'm guessing.

The weather has begun to change (finally); it was nice and cool this morning.
Thoughts on this morning's walk: It's just one of those days. I'll take the good with the not so good-I won't say bad, because I don't consider any exercise as bad. Did my proper stretching, before and after, cooled down, ate breakfast and drank lots of water.
I saw an osprey up in a tree with the beautiful orangey sunrise in the background. Would have made a nice photo, but I couldn't slo…

GPS and goals

I started my walk a little before 7 am, as I like to do; it's still dark out by soon the sun will rise. I got my walking belt to hold my stuff, and started using a walking app to track my fitness goals. I'm using Endomondo for right now. I set my goal today to walk at least 2 miles and to step up the pace as best I can ie: walk the fastest that I can. I ended up walking 2.74 miles and have GPS tracked where I'm walking.

Random stuff: I have to be careful when walking fast on some ground as it is still wet and I tend to slip a bit. I realized that I don't particularly like walking on one part of my walk, where it is quite woodsy, swampy, and little bit scary. I crossed to the other side where the houses are. (I'm more comfortable now.) I found a turtle along my path this morning; it was a box turtle that looked like this:

Finished at home with a good stretch, then sat down to figure out the fitness app, and when I went to get up, I was so stiff already! I…

Walking: Things I've learned so far

It's getting cooler here in Florida. Today's morning walk was a bit windy too, adding to the challenge today. A good walk though; I went a little bit farther in distance and picked up my pace, so I cut 10 minutes off my time. My butt was dragging today; I feel tired. I guess these kinds of days are expected.

What I've learned so far: I cannot drink my morning coffee and then go walk. I have to pee too soon! And there are days, where I need that coffee. But, if I just get dressed and ready to go, I can get out the door pretty fast and get to it. And my nose runs- a lot. Although I think I've always had this problem.
My curly bangs get in the way. Constantly dangling in my face. I guess I'll have to clip them back, wear a hat, or head band.

So I'm wondering if it is better to go a longer distance walking, or should I start jogging the shorter distance and add more walking to it?
Also, I need to get something to carry my stuff in- like my keys, phone, …