GPS and goals

I started my walk a little before 7 am, as I like to do; it's still dark out by soon the sun will rise. I got my walking belt to hold my stuff, and started using a walking app to track my fitness goals. I'm using Endomondo for right now. I set my goal today to walk at least 2 miles and to step up the pace as best I can ie: walk the fastest that I can. I ended up walking 2.74 miles and have GPS tracked where I'm walking.

Random stuff: I have to be careful when walking fast on some ground as it is still wet and I tend to slip a bit. I realized that I don't particularly like walking on one part of my walk, where it is quite woodsy, swampy, and little bit scary. I crossed to the other side where the houses are. (I'm more comfortable now.) I found a turtle along my path this morning; it was a box turtle that looked like this:

Finished at home with a good stretch, then sat down to figure out the fitness app, and when I went to get up, I was so stiff already! I…

Walking: Things I've learned so far

It's getting cooler here in Florida. Today's morning walk was a bit windy too, adding to the challenge today. A good walk though; I went a little bit farther in distance and picked up my pace, so I cut 10 minutes off my time. My butt was dragging today; I feel tired. I guess these kinds of days are expected.

What I've learned so far: I cannot drink my morning coffee and then go walk. I have to pee too soon! And there are days, where I need that coffee. But, if I just get dressed and ready to go, I can get out the door pretty fast and get to it. And my nose runs- a lot. Although I think I've always had this problem.
My curly bangs get in the way. Constantly dangling in my face. I guess I'll have to clip them back, wear a hat, or head band.

So I'm wondering if it is better to go a longer distance walking, or should I start jogging the shorter distance and add more walking to it?
Also, I need to get something to carry my stuff in- like my keys, phone, …

Walking in nature

Good Morning world! Just got back from my walk, and it was a good one. Early mornings here are starting to be cooler, which makes it much more pleasant to walk. Today I went the same distance (a little over a mile), but increased my pace, so I cut my time down a bit. And boy, did I break a good sweat. I saw many critters out this morning- ibis, a blue bird (that I couldn't identify), an armadillo, and just at the end of the first half, where I turn around to come back, were 3 deer just out of the woods and grazing on some grass. Two large ones, and one small one.
Everything is so green, yet I find some leaves that have fallen are changing colors slightly.

Today is my weigh in day. I'm down 3 pounds since last week! I cannot believe how much I lost by adding this exercise into my life. It's a good thing. Just doing the Weight Watchers plan, I usually only loose about 1/2 a pound, if that. I feel good.

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My weight loss journey

In the spirit of "you never know what you'll get", here on the blog, I've decided to share my weight loss journey.
The facts are these: I have lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers. It has taken over a year. And now I'm stuck. At a plateau, they say. I want to loose another 25 pounds. So I decided to set a BIG goal for myself.
I want to run a 5K. At the Disney World marathon in January of 2019. I have given myself 15 months to prepare.

So I figure that setting this goal and training for it will get me over the hump, and unstuck to loose this additional weight. Plus journaling in this way, may keep me accountable, if only to myself.

We are big Disney fans, so I like to think of running this particular 5K would be a great reward!

Today is the first day I'm recording my journey. I'm basically starting as a beginner walking. Today's early morning walk was 4600 steps, about 1.6 miles, which is about half of a 5K (3.1 miles). Not too bad, I think, as …

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Tarpon Springs fine art festival on the bayou~ A review

This is my experience and my own opinion of the Tarpon Springs fine art festival from April 8-9, 2017.
This fine art show has a reputation of large crowds; waiting to get in early upon opening the gate, and (mostly) a large buying crowd.
This year, the show did not live up to its reputation.

My booth was situated near one of the entrances to the show, near the arts building, but up on a side walk "ledge" where people would have to step up to get into the booths.
To one side I had a fabulous pottery and glass artist (museum quality); on the other side were wood workers who made handmade children's toys/puzzles, which were all hand cut, carved, painted-very detailed.

Saturday had a slow start (crowd wise). The folks (with the handmade toys) told me that there was such a drop in crowds; that people were usually waiting at the gate to get in and this was not the case this year. The clay/glass artist said that maybe this was "not his type of customer". Sales we…