It's now too hot and humid to run

For me, anyway. Today I walked 2 miles. Way too humid to run. It is difficult to feel like there is any oxygen out there! Swimming to start this weekend.

Weight update: Up 3 lbs. last week. Down a pound on weight in today. Still on the see-saw. Should I join a gym so I can run on a treadmill for the summer? I hate treadmills.

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Post July 4th workout and update

I took off a week from running since my legs were hurting everyday, all day. So it was a bit challenging to start back up this week. I'm so greatful for the cooler mornings that we've been having.

Today: 1.77 miles
Weight: let's not talk about it; I'm on a see-saw right now.
Eating fairly well. Staying away from sweets.

Bought a new swimsuit yesterday, so can start swimming when it is too hot to run or walk. Not your traditional swimwear; I wanted something to exercise and do laps in. It's more for cross-training. More to come.....
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This week's update

Sunday was my long workout. Did 3.42 miles. Walked about 2/3 of it, ran the rest. Definitely need to carry a water bottle now with these high temperatures and humidity. I bought this one from Amazon.
Today I did 2.17 miles at my current rate/speed (25/35sec.) It seems to be working for me and I might stay at this rate throughout the summer; not sure yet. Today's humidity this a.m. was the highest that I have felt while running. I might have to change up my routine come July and August. I'm thinking about other options.

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Why won't my body do what I want?

Good run this morning. My legs felt strong, no foot pain. Doing the same intervals and did 2 miles. Low humidity pre-dawn, then it started to get a bid humid. The only problem was my pounding headache half way through the run; so bad, that the pain went from the top left side of my head, down thru my eye and side of my nose, and down into my teeth. I never had a pain in my head like this. (I hope I'm not having a brain aneurysm.) Finished with a walk.

Weight update: I'm up 2 pounds. You know, I'm about ready to give up the fight with my weight. Maybe the numbers on the scale don't matter just that much as long as I feel good, feel strong, and am gaining strength and endurance with my run/walking. My heart and lungs are strong and I continue to feel stronger, and running is getting easier. As long as my current clothes fit and I don't get any bigger, what's a number anyway?

Though I continue to struggle with sugar, I am eating healthy overall. So, I…

Summer is here!

And so is the humidity! Ran today, my long run/walk (3.18 mi.). Went out at 6:00am, pre-dawn. So humid. I don't know what this summer will bring. It's time to buy a water pouch to carry along with me now while exercising. If not to drink, I can always pour it over my head to help cool down. Still working at 25 sec. run/35 sec. walk per minute. I have NOT gotten on a scale this week.

Seven months till race time. Is it crunch time? I think it is time for me to really get serious about what I'm eating. I've got to remind myself what is important to me and why I decided to take this exercise challenge and continue to work towards my goal. I'm not having problems with the exercise part. I'm going to work on my mind. Thinking before I eat, staying away from sweets, sugar, desserts, and limiting my bread/carb intake. I will eat more fruits and vegetables! This has got to work. Stay positive.

If you like what you're reading and would like to follo…

This is one of the hardest things I've tried to do

Update: This morning's run: 2.3 miles at a new interval speed of 25sec. run/ 35sec walk per minute. I wanted to increase to 30/30 starting this week, but making the 25/35 is challenging enough for me right now. Cooler outside, a bit of a breeze, and very cloudy for my run this a.m. Body felt heavy during this workout this morning. Did abs also. I'm glad I got out early enough before the rain started this morning.

No weight change.

And here is my problem. I definitely have a problem with sugar. I need to avoid it all the way. I am constantly struggling with this "diet" plan. Doing Weight Watchers if you did not know. I'm honestly tracking my points, but I can't get past the bad foods I end up eating. I love sweets! It is so hard to avoid, refuse, or just not think about eating something sweet. A true sugar addiction.

Don't let me grocery shop alone. I can't be trusted. Today, I told myself that I would not buy any snacks, treats, sugar…

I had a hard morning running

It was a tough run this morning. First of all, not getting enough sleep; I got up at 12:30 a.m. this morning. Did a bunch of stuff around the house, took a 1/2 hour nap, then went out to run. Really humid this morning. 78% humidity. Is that high? No energy. I got winded fast. I know that I need to slow down or walk when I feel like I can't swallow. (I'm allergic to exercise-just kidding!)

Did 2.23 miles total. Managed to get to 77 IntV, which is better than my usual 82-84. So I surprised myself. I also did abs this morning. I want to increase running time next week, but I might do one more run at my current rate, since today was difficult. It might just be one of those "bad" days. I'm not discouraged.
Check back next week.

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