I gained 3 pounds in 3 days

That's all it takes for me to gain weight. Go on a little vacation, eat what I want and bam! Weight gain. We were walking 5 to over 9 miles each day. Apparently, that did nothing. I did not over eat- just made poor choices.

Today I walked 2.47 miles. I'm good with that. And it was a bit difficult. I feel fat. I am completely frustrated with myself. It is so hard, this weight loss thing. I'm struggling. I'm wondering if I will ever loose any more weight. I question whether I will be able to run a 5K. I'm dealing with a lot of internal dialog, most of which is negative. My mind is like a hamster on a wheel, going round and round. I need a positive message. I need a cheerleader.

There's so much on my mind, it sometimes seems a bit overwhelming. I feel too busy. I never have enough time to do everything I want to accomplish. Like sticking to these weight loss and exercise goals. Keeping up with my jewelry business, plus I'm looking to make…

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A dreary morning walk and food

Overall update: Walked 2.17 miles today. No weight loss, in fact I have gained 2 pounds.
It's the morning after Thanksgiving, a dreary morning. It just stopped raining, although I would have walked in the rain too. So the ground's a bit slick. I feel good. No more foot pain, just typical muscle soreness in my thighs and hips, which is to be expected. So what's my problem? What I put in my mouth. I am not sticking to my Weight Watcher's plan and counting my points. I know for myself, if I don't follow the plan the way it is outlined, I don't loose weight.
I'm eating too much junk, and too frequently. (This is where I struggle).
For Thanksgiving I ate just a normal sized amount of food, plus dessert, because deprivation doesn't work. What do you do when you're eating at another's house?

You can't ask your host to make everything fat free, or expect them to count your points for you. So, I eat what I want, in smaller quantities. We…

Hitting my first goal- 3 miles

This truly is the most beautiful time of the year to walk in Florida! It's in the 60 degrees. The trees are beautiful; nature is wonderful. Not only am I getting a good physical workout, but I'm also getting a mental health benefit.
So this week I hit my first goal, finally finishing 3 miles. Today's walk was 3.22 miles. I had to change my route a bit, as it got boring real fast, just walking a long road mainly and back. So I took the nature paths around this community, and what a difference it makes! It's not boring, there is always something to see. Many ponds, woods, animals, etc. I like this much better.
Except for when I pass a certain neighbor out in front of his house (in his bath robe) smoking a cigarette. And I get to breath in the second hand smoke. Yuck.

No weight change. Probably due to the fact that I keep eating crap. I need to really gain control of what, and how much I'm eating. I'm working on this. Some would say I need to "…

A leisurely walk

Just a walk in the park today. Nothing new to report. No new changes in routine or weight. It's been a tiring week. It always is, after a show. I walked around 2 miles. Didn't even break a sweat. (At least I did something!) Enjoy John Chestnut Park.

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It started out good today

I walked today 2.75 miles. Cut out the last little street I usually walk. I felt good this morning: I had energy, was awake, and in a good frame of mind. Unlike the other day when I walked, as I felt weak, and kind of sick. Today seemed like a better day. One mile in, doing good, then it hit- I have to pee. And I just went before I left the house! So the last mile back seemed challenging. I sped up coming back, and maybe over did it. Got tired, winded, overheated. It's at that difficult spot where you know that you still have a mile to get back to the house, and you don't know if you'll make it. I did. I hope this doesn't happen if I'm in a race, but at least there will be people there in case I get stuck. So I stopped briefly and took the photo above.

Did everything right, I think; stretched before and after, and did 100 sit ups. Breakfast was oatmeal, with half an apple and cinnamon.
I'll get much more exercise today and this weekend, as I have…

We have scorpions?

Today's walk: 2.84 miles, same route. No weight loss this week. Probably because I've been eating too much junk. I really need to watch my tendency to overeat. It's a work in progress.

It's been quite chilly these last 2 mornings when I walked. The other day I wore way too much clothing. Four layers of: work out tank top, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and a jacket. Well, half way through I thought I would pass out. I did much better today. (Work out crop, t-shirt, light jacket.)

So many thoughts go through my mind when I'm walking. Sometimes I think about what I'm going to write on this blog. Sometimes I concentrate on nature. Sometimes I hope to avoid the dogs on their morning walks. Sometimes it's a whole mess of things. This morning I did a prayer/walking meditation. Really good. Must do this more often.

So the other day, while I was driving and coming onto the road where we live, I say this thing in the road-crossing the road, really. It looked lik…