What I've added to my routine

Current weight loss: 2 pounds
I haven't walked much since the temperature here has been freezing-very cold outside, but I have been doing a lot of indoor exercise; aerobics, step, Bosu, kickboxing. This morning was step, a somewhat complicated routine that I had a hard time following. Just continue with movement, and I'm still getting a workout.

Things I've added to my weight loss program:
I've put up little inspirational signs around, like the one in the photo (on the refrigerator) for encouragement. The quotes are from
the website:

Another trick I'm trying, is chewing gum whenever I feel the urge to eat when it's not mealtime, or when I'm not really hungry.
Just a short and brief update for now.

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The struggle is real

Today's walk: 2.1 miles
Recent weight gain 5 pounds

What can I say, with all the holiday eating- I've let things go (to my waistline). I know that I am an emotional eater, and I've been "disliking" my job lately, so I eat. I've got to STOP eating sugar and cut out the sweets and desserts.
I must continue to track the foods I eat and stay within my Weight Watchers points.
I'm working on the job thing, so I expect changes will be coming this year. I'm I work in progress. I think changes are good with the new year coming. I don't want life to become stagnant.

Plus, I've been a little lackadaisical with exercise too. My excuse has been it's too cold. But I walked today, and it was cold. I'll make my way back to weight loss. More motivation will come. These are the ups and downs.
The struggle is real my friends!

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Updates on weight loss and exercise

Walk today: 2.01 miles
Weigh in day: lost 1 pound

There's a new Weight Watchers plan with an updated program that I like. Now more foods are free- as in zero points! Food like chicken, fish, beans are all zero points now. This little improvement of the plan may help me to loose more weight now.

I've added a new exercise program too. The Bosu ball workout. I had forgotten that I owned this. I have a few different workout CDs for this ball workout. Here's a link to some workouts on sale. Bosu workouts.

I forgot to mention this: When we were at Disney a couple of weeks ago, while walking in a parking lot, I walked/tripped into those parking bars/blocks that you pull your car up to. I went totally on the side of one of my feet, and somehow managed to upright my foot to normal. If it weren't for walking and strength training, I might have broken my ankle. Now that's a testament to exercise!

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I gained 3 pounds in 3 days

That's all it takes for me to gain weight. Go on a little vacation, eat what I want and bam! Weight gain. We were walking 5 to over 9 miles each day. Apparently, that did nothing. I did not over eat- just made poor choices.

Today I walked 2.47 miles. I'm good with that. And it was a bit difficult. I feel fat. I am completely frustrated with myself. It is so hard, this weight loss thing. I'm struggling. I'm wondering if I will ever loose any more weight. I question whether I will be able to run a 5K. I'm dealing with a lot of internal dialog, most of which is negative. My mind is like a hamster on a wheel, going round and round. I need a positive message. I need a cheerleader.

There's so much on my mind, it sometimes seems a bit overwhelming. I feel too busy. I never have enough time to do everything I want to accomplish. Like sticking to these weight loss and exercise goals. Keeping up with my jewelry business, plus I'm looking to make…

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A dreary morning walk and food

Overall update: Walked 2.17 miles today. No weight loss, in fact I have gained 2 pounds.
It's the morning after Thanksgiving, a dreary morning. It just stopped raining, although I would have walked in the rain too. So the ground's a bit slick. I feel good. No more foot pain, just typical muscle soreness in my thighs and hips, which is to be expected. So what's my problem? What I put in my mouth. I am not sticking to my Weight Watcher's plan and counting my points. I know for myself, if I don't follow the plan the way it is outlined, I don't loose weight.
I'm eating too much junk, and too frequently. (This is where I struggle).
For Thanksgiving I ate just a normal sized amount of food, plus dessert, because deprivation doesn't work. What do you do when you're eating at another's house?

You can't ask your host to make everything fat free, or expect them to count your points for you. So, I eat what I want, in smaller quantities. We…

Hitting my first goal- 3 miles

This truly is the most beautiful time of the year to walk in Florida! It's in the 60 degrees. The trees are beautiful; nature is wonderful. Not only am I getting a good physical workout, but I'm also getting a mental health benefit.
So this week I hit my first goal, finally finishing 3 miles. Today's walk was 3.22 miles. I had to change my route a bit, as it got boring real fast, just walking a long road mainly and back. So I took the nature paths around this community, and what a difference it makes! It's not boring, there is always something to see. Many ponds, woods, animals, etc. I like this much better.
Except for when I pass a certain neighbor out in front of his house (in his bath robe) smoking a cigarette. And I get to breath in the second hand smoke. Yuck.

No weight change. Probably due to the fact that I keep eating crap. I need to really gain control of what, and how much I'm eating. I'm working on this. Some would say I need to "…