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Christmas in July...What?

Christmas in July; sounds funny to some of us, but this creative "un" holiday is celebrated by many.
Originally thought to have started in Europe, as the summer heat comes, people crave the cooler weather and the cheer that comes with Christmas.
Many celebrate by decorating, gift giving, with Santa, ice cream and other cold foods.

This is a well celebrated event in Australia, where many hotels, restaurants, and caterers will offer special "Christmas in July" dinners.
Local shops will offer specials, including figurines of Santa and related holiday representative characters. Co-incidentally, July is the height of Australia's ski resorts season, making it a great marketing opportunity. This is believed to have started in the western countries by retail merchants.

In the U.S. we often see this marketing tool for business also. HSN and QVC have shows offering Christmas related items. I also saw on-line where Sears and K-mart are taking part of this too.
Did you know that…