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Yay! A ring, and not so much fun stuff

And here we have it, finally. My first metalsmithed ring. Not a real thing of beauty, but wearable, and something to keep as a memory of almost 5 classes to make happen!
I didn't even realize that we were in our fifth week of class, until someone mentioned something to that affect. Next week will be my last class. I am a bit sad, as it did go fast, and although was quite frustrating, I still enjoyed learning what I learned and wish I/we could have done more in this class.

Now for the "not so fun" stuff. My printer is having problems with ink and won't print. (You may remember me saying that I'm "computer/electronically challenged". So, after trying new ink, I now have the cartridge system apart and soaking to try to fix the problem myself. I really hate stuff like this!

While I'm working on this, the heating and air conditioning guys are here doing a much needed maintenance; cleaning and chemically treating the ducts, heater coils, etc. Needless to say…