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Sewing and thrift store finds

I have not attempted to actually sew anything for a few years now, but I wanted to make a fitted table cloth for a tall, podium-like table that I use in arts and crafts shows.
So, I dug out the old Singer, (I'm surprised it still worked)

and I gave it a try.
Here it is with 2 sides done.

And complete. Not as tight as I wanted it, but it will do. I used some of the extra material to make small cloths that I can use to cover risers on my big table.

Since I'm always on a strict budget, I like to go to the thrift stores looking for anything that I can repurpose for display ideas, or anything else useful for my jewelry business. I went to the Goodwill super store, and found these:

This acrylic CD holder (I think) will make a perfect riser for one of my table lamps. I can use a drape cover cloth over or, it use it just the way it is. I think I paid $1.95.

And these, something I've been looking for, a long time. …