Sewing and thrift store finds

I have not attempted to actually sew anything for a few years now, but I wanted to make a fitted table cloth for a tall, podium-like table that I use in arts and crafts shows.
So, I dug out the old Singer, (I'm surprised it still worked)

and I gave it a try.
Here it is with 2 sides done.

And complete. Not as tight as I wanted it, but it will do. I used some of the extra material to make small cloths that I can use to cover risers on my big table.

Since I'm always on a strict budget, I like to go to the thrift stores looking for anything that I can repurpose for display ideas, or anything else useful for my jewelry business. I went to the Goodwill super store, and found these:

This acrylic CD holder (I think) will make a perfect riser for one of my table lamps. I can use a drape cover cloth over or, it use it just the way it is. I think I paid $1.95.

And these, something I've been looking for, a long time. Table risers.

They look like flower pots, but are actually really hard plastic, and you can see on the tops of them, imprints where someone has used them just for this purpose. I paid $3.00 for the four.
Geat finds! Have you found anything that you use for your craft business? I'd love to hear about it.

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Table rises would really come in handy! I always think some of my things don't display well because they are lying flat and people have to look down on them.
Congrats on finding the table risers at such a good price! Maybe they are bed risers in real life ... and they cost way more than $3.00!!
Sheryl Hastings said…
Great ideas! I have some table risers and I use them to raise the table in my craft room. Much easier on my back.
Anonymous said…
GREAT finds! I didn't find anything last time I went to Goodwill. Thanks for reminding me to try again!
Blogger said…
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Great finds!
I'm jealous you're able to whip out your sewing machine and put your own table cloth together...definitely not one of my talents...LOL :)
Anonymous said…
Definitely a great idea to go "repurposing" shopping :-) It saves money and forces you to think outside the box of how I could use this differently than its original purpose?

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