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Photography woes

I started my day today, thinking I could get some early morning pictures taken in natural light (of my jewelry). Well, I had nothing but problems. I went out on our crowded patio and tried to set up a table where I usually take photos; and brought a chair over, well, almost. I was so crammed in with all the "stuff" out there, I could not even get situated to take photos. But I tried. Then the sun went in. I shifted stuff around. Then the camera was acting up. Moving slow, movement. The battery had a charge, I had the correct settings for no movement. O.k. forget it out here. I had to set up my light box inside and work on them some more. Sometimes when some thing's not working, you just need to walk away. Put it aside for another day. And that's what I did.
Just in case you've missed it, here's what new in my Etsy shop. Stop by and have a look.
Glass pendant necklace. hand stamped. sterling silver

Sterling silver and pearl earrings-dangle

Glamour pendant necklace…