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Crunch time....once again

Well, it's that time of the year again, as I stress and strive to get enough jewelry made for my last 2 shows of the fall holiday season. I always get so stressed that I don't have enough inventory!
And with starting a new job, plus still looking for another job, and life's everyday in's and out's, where do I find the time to create quality, new and exciting jewelry?
I just don't know. But, as I've said in the past, sometimes I work better under pressure.
Here's a few photos of new jewelry I've made. They may or may not make it into my Etsy shop on-line, so if there is something that you would like to own, or get for a gift, please leave me a comment with contact info, or contact me through my Etsy shop, or message me through Facebook. You know the drill.

Now if you are in Florida, and want to come to some great arts and crafts shows, these are the next 2 where I'll be. BTW: these are my favorite indoor shows that I take part in!
Holizaar 5,…