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What I'm working on

Hi everyone! As a member of Etsy Bloggers Street Team, each member is asked to participate in sharing blog posts every month. This is my first attempt at it! So here's what I'm working on right now. Although I find it hard to pin point it down to just one or two projects, because I always have so many "irons in the fire", so to speak, but anyway here goes! I am working on a couple new jewelry pieces that I hope to have done this week. First is a Vintaj Brass filigree that I have embellished with a faceted Czech glass stone in amber. It will be the focus of a necklace. Second, I have a new embossed round pendant from Vintaj Brass Co. that I want to use as another necklace pendant focal which I'm going to add this beautiful faceted olive tear drop as a dangle and use some olive colored fairy ribbon +/- a brass chain. Just a few thoughts here.

So many other ideas to work on too! I just have to make some more jewelry with some of the fantastic polymer clay beads that …