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It's chaos time again!

I cannot believe that I have a show in just 6 weeks! It's a weekend show, meaning 2 days, so I need alot of inventory. Now what has made my inventory low is that last week I had an appointment with the Florida Craftsmen to bring in more jewelry.
So I took a whole tray of cuff bracelets for them to choose from and a few other pieces, and guess what? They took all but 4 of my cuffs! Not that I'm complaining, but this leaves me short again with less merchandise than I think I will need for a 2 day show. Some how I work well under pressure.
My next show will be March 3-4 in Palm Harbor.
I've never done this show before, but a metalsmith friend of mine said she does pretty good at this one. Now for some new jewelry!

double layer stamped bracelet and earrings

Now these are available for purchase at the Florida Craftsmen gallery.

copper squiggles and greed aventurine

long necklace with lampwork and lapis

This one is 30 inches long in sterling silver, adjustable, with pretty blue gla…