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Jennifer Louden talks about self-trust

Finding time to do what's most important to you can feel impossible.

Another day goes by and you think, "Shoot! Another day and I didn't take _________________ (exercise, get rid of clutter, market your art)."

It's so easy to get down on yourself and lose confidence.

Every month at the Comfort Cafe we set an intention for the month and we check in about it, via the Not-Quite-So-Daily Dollops and the forums, offering ideas and support to stay focused and take simple action.

Today's Yummy Taste: Intention Setting Audio
Here's what Jen (who won a free trip to my Kripalu retreat, a perk of being a Cafe member) said about working with intention:

"Synchronicity is one way that I know beyond the shadow of a doubt I'm taking action based on what I want -- what comes from my heart.

I attended Jen's retreat at Kripalu this April. While there, it hit me that what I really wanted to be doing was teaching women how to connect to their inner wisdom through movem…