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Promotion time vs. production

A quick hello to all! My thoughts today are kinda jumbled. The main thing I do want to talk about is how much time I spend promoting my jewelry business than I actually make jewelry! I just can't believe the amount of time I spend on this computer, writing blogs, reading blogs, joining groups, etc. A great book I've read that I highly recommend to anyone in the jewelry/arts and crafts field is: "Marketing and selling your handmade jewelry", by Viki Lareau. Great book! I think she states that you will spend 3 times the amount of time promoting your business, than you actually make jewelry. Well, I have to agree with that! My current schedule allows me to work on my business, usually 4 days a week. Not to mention the daily checking of emails and my Etsy store for sales. And usually my first day I spend talking with others on-line, updating blogs, and the like, sorting through new supplies that may have come in the mail, pricing everything, logging everything (for inven…