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Andi Under Pressure~ A book review

Andi Under Pressure by Amanda Flower

Andi Boggs and Colin Carter are off on another adventure. Both are attending a science camp where mysterious things are happening. Supplies go missing, insects are let out of their enclosures, and worst of all an instructor gets injured in an explosion.
Teenage sleuth, Andi and her friend Colin try to find the answers and who’s behind these “pranks” in this Young Adult novel. This is the second novel in the “Andi Boggs” series.
My take on this one, after having read the first book, “Andi Unexpected”, is that I liked “Andi Unexpected” better. This second novel didn’t have much in terms of mystery, and was a little bit “dry” in story line. There is not much of a mystery to follow, and not much of a story line. Of course this is written for a YA audience, so it is an easy read, not too long, and does hold the reader’s interest. Overall a cute story that I would recommend to a YA reader, but I would suggest reading the first book, “Andi Unexpec…