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Getting momentum

I finally have some new jewelry to share with you! You know, it's hard creating on demand, as I sometimes feel. With working a day job, by time I get home, I'm too tired, feel like I'm brain dead and have nothing left to give. (oh, how wonderful it would be if I could make this my full time job and have all the creative time in the world!) ~I must be careful what I ask for, as I already know from experience~
ANYWAY, I've been trying to complete this lariat necklace and earring set for about 3 weeks now. Finally complete, to my liking and already in my Etsy shop.

And this unisex bracelet, that I made similar to a pair of earrings that I made for myself.

And yesterday, while I was on a "creative roll", I made these earrings:
"Expressions in Organics"

They will all be available in my Etsy shop soon!
BTW: If you see something you really like, you might just want to go ahead and purchas…