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I do believe that there is something to be found in our dreams. The subconscious mind is quite fascinating.
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I wanted to share one with you. A while back, I had a dream that I was diving into some type of lake or bay-some type of water and looking for lost things- like my shoes! Weird huh? I don't know if you believe in dream interpretation, but I do.
This is not the first time I've had a dream that involves water. It has been a recurring dream. Sometimes I dream about deep water. Sometimes there is a boat involved. This seems to be a fear of water to me. Although it could be a feeling of being lost; or searching for something. Do I have a fear of boats? I don't know.
They say the best way to remember your dreams is to keep a journal next to your bed, so when you wake up, you can write down your dreams before you forget them. A dream diary would be a good idea. That way you can look for reoccurrances, symbols, or anything else that m…