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More wire series

Well, I tried to put off blogging today until tomorrow, but I got on a roll with my blog, you know, doing updates, adding some new things, gadgets, updating sites that might not be blogging any more; just things like that. You'll have to stop back to check out "Shelfari" that I added to the bottom of my blog because I haven't worked out the kinks to start my book list. It seems I've had an account and deleted it and now cannot retrieve information to log back in. BTW: I hate my computer sometimes.
It feels like I haven't made any jewelry this week, although I have. I've made a few hoop earrings to add to my wire series that I'm working on right now. Actually, I started this week on a sort of southwestern necklace combining rustic copper and brass components, gemstone beads and polymer clay beads. It was coming along rather well, since I am making all the links individually and the clasp by hand too. I put a few hours into this piece, anyway, I ran out …