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The Uncommon Thread~ a book review

The Uncommon Thread by R. Scott Anderson M.D.

I won this book on a blog giveaway; part of a "mystery" package of books. The book contains short stories/essays written by the author for a column in a medical journal.
The stories vary from cute family occurances, to sad stories of cancer, to some of hunting in Africa, which may be disturbing to some readers.

The author, is a radiation oncologist, who wrote features for a medical journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association for 3 years, so one would expect to read many essays that pertain to the medical field.

There are 43 short stories in this book. Most are easy enough to read. But a few I did skip over, such as, the hunting stories. A couple of my favorites are, the "Squirrel Story" and the "Anderson Family Driving School".

So if you're looking for an easy read, one that you can pick up for a bit or put down, this can be a pleasant distraction, but if you are sensitive to animal stories, c…