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Weekly news from Devine Designs Jewelry

I decided to write a post today instead of my usual Monday post since it is relevant to how I am feeling right now and what's going on. I pulled my back out a few days ago, so I've been "down for the count", basically, can't stand up straight, can't walk, sitting hurt's, laying down is painful, and the pain wakes me up in the middle of the night. And I'm taking sleeping pills! And no pills that I have for pain are helping the pain. At this point I should probably go to a back doctor, get an MRI, and probably steriod injections- but who has the money? I've missed work this week from my day job, if I still have a day job, that is.

On the business storefront: Things are looking really good for my jewelry business. I've picked up 3 new retail shops this week to carry my work. I am so pleased! I spent a few days, (while on my back) watching classes on Creative Live for the business. At least I used my down time wisely. BTW: If you want t…