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I'm just not that into it

Weekly weigh in: weight loss: 0 weight gain: 1 lb.
"I'm just really not that into it", that's the thought that came into my mind as I sat in the WW meeting the other day. Sitting in a crowded room full of retirees and old people, while our group leader is saying, "let's have a hand for Mary; she's lost 5 lbs. this week!"
Yeah, yeah, like she has nothing better to do with her time, but take walks, golf, spend hours figuring out the points in food products and journaling everything she puts in her mouth.
Sure I sound negative, but I really am trying. I just can't do it all that well. Life's too short.
Even going to the weigh in and meeting can be annoying. It takes time to drive to the place. It's in an overly crowded shopping plaza. The meeting is always crowded.
I found this to be my attitude many years ago, when I joined a gym. It was a pain in the ass to get to, too crowded, and I spent too much time in the whole process. (I guess …