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My first show of the season

It's just one week away from my first show of the season. This weekend I will be tagging all my jewelry, polishing, doing a mock display set up, and making any new pieces that I can. I have a few new display pieces that I want to work with, mainly risers, so I have to plan the set up in advance. Basically, the idea is to elevate everything so it is eye level with the customer. Have you ever gone to a show only to be looking down and bending over for hours? Not fun. I believe customers will stay longer and look more when it is comfortable for them.
This is an indoor event, which is nice for me as I don't have to set up a tent. Just my table and displays. Lot's of details to finish up.
This is also a fund raiser to support the Children's Dream Fund. So my set up fee has gone to a good cause. You can learn more about the Children's Dream Fund, here.
Anyway, if you'll be in town next Sunday, please stop by, say hi, and check out the other vendors!