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The Happiness Dare~ a book review

Author, blogger, and Christian lecturer, Jennifer Dukes Lee writes “The Happiness Dare”, which teaches the reader how to overcome negativity in life, with the power of the mind, positive thoughts and prayer.

In this guide you will learn about the “five happiness styles”, find out which one you are, and the methods one can use to discover happiness every day. Jennifer offers the reader a “happiness dare”, in which one can take, making daily steps towards more happiness in life. Once you take the quiz to find out what your “happiness style is”, you can then apply the principles and suggestions that Jennifer offers to find more happiness. She teaches through God’s Word, and in each chapter of the book, she offers tips that you can do, just 5 minutes a day to move towards more joy and gratitude in life.

Each chapter ends with thought provoking questions, helping the reader to “go deeper”. Jennifer uses positive affirmations, as well as, her personal stories to reassure the reader ab…