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Monday morning photos, I've got mail, and a can of beans! Strange, I know

Good Monday morning! Well, it's really late afternoon here, as I finally get around to making a post. I try to have photos to show at every blog post, so, sometimes I end up waiting to show off my new goodies that I've made. I've had a supply crisis recently; running out of just about every gauge of wire in silver and copper that I use! But I found a sale last week, (yeah!) and my new wire has just arrived today.

And I bought a wire rounder. I've been wanting one for awhile, and have been using my files or dremel to smooth wire. But what's cool about this tool, is that it has a cup burr on the end, so I think it will help to make really nice ends on ear wires.

BTW: have I mentioned that I got new business cards and jewelry tags with my new Etsy shop banner?

I had JacksonInk make these for me. Emily is fairly new to Etsy, and she does nice work and is prompt. She has made a few things for me.
I'm slowing changing all my social networking sites to this banner…