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Week 4 weigh in

weight loss: .4 lb. Steady and going. I didn't think I would loose anything this week, since I splurged and had some extra nighttime snacks this week.
What struggles I'm having is at work. It seems like more people are bringing in chocolates, cookies, and cakes lately. Or maybe it's just more noticeable to me now. And it seems to be "birthday" season right now too. Where I work, they like to celebrate with lunch and a cake or some kind of sweets. I know to plan ahead, so I took some homemade vegetable soup with me, and decided I would just have a small amount of the lunch and no dessert. It is SO hard for me to pass on the dessert! I have such a sweet tooth. And I have faithfully not had any sugar for the last 4 weeks.
And I can't get away from it at work. It stays in the environment. On the table, in the middle of all our work space. People come by and nibble throughout the day. And my boss knows I'm doing WW., and she says, just have half a c…