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Walking on water when you feel like drowning~a book review

Walking on water when you feel like drowning~ by Tommy Nelson and Steve Leavitt
A pastor and a Christian counselor, respectively, co-author their experience with anxiety and depression from their own personal lives. They use their own personal struggles to explain just how anxiety and depression can feel, and affect a person. Using biblical teachings, therapy, and sometimes medication, the author’s let the reader know that one can recover. In this book, they show us just how this can be achieved.
The book is written in easy to follow text, not at all with medical or physiological terminology. It is a comforting read, especially to anyone who may feel that they are having any type of anxiety and/or depression. Each co-author shares his story, and describes the actually body and mind feelings that they had. They explain how to identify those feelings, how they got there, what’s going on in the mind, as well as, what’s going on in the body.
They offer keys to recovery, using bibl…