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But I don't feel like it

I'm forcing myself to blog today, because I've got a case of the "lazies". The past few days I felt that I had nothing to blog about, I was finishing a few new pieces of jewelry for my ETSY shop; but besides that, nothing more. I "should" be taking down the Christmas tree and putting decorations away. I should vacuum. I should organized my work space, put away my new supplies, do December's tax log, exercise, groom the cats, but, I don't feel like it. My afternoon naps have become too common place for me right now. And although I have been busy, it's hard to self-motivate sometimes. I do appreciate all my fellow bloggers and jewelry designers, artists and crafts people, because I do get inspiration from you all.
I'm also feeling a bit stir crazy. I'm not used to being in the house so much of the time. Some of you may know that I haven't had a "day job" since mid-October now, and it's just starting to make me crazy. I'…