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Blog carnival for August 1st, 2011

In this edition, Linda, of Pruitthandcrafts asks: "As Summer begins to wind down, write about what you are thinking about for Fall. We would like to hear how you arrived at or how you were inspired to make these plans."
First of all, I'm thinking about when this humidity will go away! No wait, I think she means what we are thinking about for our businesses!
I have been preparing for fall art shows. Now is the time to get the applications in. So, I have been saving a little, pay check at a time, for the deposits, or fees for entering these shows. My goal for this fall is to do at least one show a month from September until January, February, or March.

I figure this is the most opportunistic time of the year for selling, so I might as well, try to do as many shows as I can handle to maximize sales.
This also means that right now I need to produce, produce, and produce. I will need a lot of inventory in order to do all the shows I have applied for; and of course that is if I ge…